Church Services

All Services at Park Avenue, Kingsley Park and Queensgrove have been cancelled for the time being.

Online Services

Join Park Avenue’s Sofa Church @11.00am every Sunday. For information about connecting please email

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Monthly Prayer Theme

Prayer theme January 2021

Dear Lord, as I enter a new year with new hopes, I commit myself to your service as God of the Covenant

I place my life in your hands – for it to be yours to direct and not mine. May you decide what I should do and with whom I should do it

May you guide when I should be active and when I should rest; may you sustain me when I am well and when I suffer

May you be reflected in me when I am praised and when I am challenged

May I give thanks to you when I enjoy abundance, and when I know what it is to go without

May my whole life be given in service of your love and salvation, use all that I have and all that I am for your purposes

And may I always remember that you, O God, and I belong to each other. This is my commitment – I stand by it. And I ask that you, Jesus, bear witness to it


God Spot

Circuit Podcasts

There are now eight podcasts available to listen to. They can be found on the Circuit Website. Click here.