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Welcome to the website of Park Avenue Methodist Church!

We are a lively, energetic and friendly Christian church that offers two styles of worship on a Sunday. We also have many different groups and activities for all ages and to suit all needs.

We hope you enjoy the website and please send us your comments by emailing us, we’d love to hear from you!

Monthly Prayer Theme – February 2017

Youth Work

This month our Youth Worker gives us some prayer pointers, reminding us of all the work here with young people, past, present and future:

  • We give God thanks for the young people already touched by his love and his faithful message (Philippians 1: 3).
  • We thank God for the young people with whom we are in touch daily and for all those who are currently working with them in our church and community (e.g. Sunday Club, Impact, Boys Brigade, Toddlers, those who visit AHOF or come to dance on our premises and many more..)
  • We trust God for the future (Jeremiah 29:11) asking his guidance in our plans and that more workers will come forward.
  • We thank God for the opportunities to share the gospel and fulfil our mission and ministry as he makes disciples.


  • We thank God for all the work done by our Youth Worker with the young people.
  • We ask God’s blessing for the 24/7 prayer initiative, focussing on youth work from 6th to 11th February and on the service of rededication for workers with children and young people on 12th