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Welcome to the website of Park Avenue Methodist Church!

We are a lively, energetic and friendly Christian church that offers two styles of worship on a Sunday. We also have many different groups and activities for all ages and to suit all needs.

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Monthly Prayer Theme – July 2016

Children and Young People

We thank God for all the children and young people who are part of this church family.
We praise God for all those who work with the children and young people week by week.

Please remember especially in your prayers:­

The Boys’ Brigade – the boys who are nurtured there and the leaders who give their time. More help is needed.

AHOF – the youth project in Abington Park. More volunteers are needed to advance the valuable work that has begun.

IMPACT – Park Avenue’s Youth Club is currently making decisions about its future.

3GENERATE – A group of young people will attend this youth rally in November. May this be a rich, spiritual experience.

PA Holiday Club 18­-21 August – ­ May all the children and the leaders enjoy and be blessed by “Champions’ Challenge”.

Please pray also for our Youth Worker, Ellen Rufus. May we continue to value her hard work and Christian endeavour.