Park Avenue Methodist Church, Park Avenue North, Northampton, NN3 2HT :: 01604 720624
Administrator - Alan Brett :: Senior Steward - Hilary MacCallum |


Welcome to the website of Park Avenue Methodist Church!

We are a lively, energetic and friendly Christian church that offers two styles of worship on a Sunday. We also have many different groups and activities for all ages and to suit all needs.

We hope you enjoy the website and please send us your comments by emailing us, we’d love to hear from you!

Our Vision

Is to see Park Avenue grow and continue to be a welcoming, outward-reaching, diverse, all-age Christian community.

Also, to be diligent in helping those who are in any need and to be disciplined in prayer, bible study and worship for all those who know God, who are searching for God and those still to be reached.

Our Mission Statement

Know God

Love God

Share God

Monthly Prayer Theme – September 2018

September prayer theme, a reflection: Do we pass by?

A poem by Ann Stevens, a leader at Street Church

Tonight I saw two grown men cry,
And I held them in their pain,
There’s no waiting until tomorrow,
They may not pass this way again.

When seeing others hurting,
If I chose to avert my eye,
I’d be left with a burning question,
Would Jesus choose to just pass by?

We pray that we can be like the good Samaritan and not pass by those in need.
(Luke 10:25-37)

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