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We are a lively, energetic and friendly Christian church that offers two styles of worship on a Sunday. We also have many different groups and activities for all ages and to suit all needs.

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Monthly Prayer Theme – April 2017

Lent weekly prayers: Over the six Sundays of Lent leading to Easter Day instead of a Monthly prayer theme there will be a different prayer each week taken from the Approaching the Cross Lent Prayer Station.

April 2nd: Lord Jesus, you were flogged; many innocent people suffer injustice. We pray especially for those being persecuted, even killed, for their faith; be with them, grant them your strength, and peace at the last.

Lord Jesus, enlarge our view of your body the Church so that we, as you, suffer each time another member suffers, and cause us to be watchful and active on behalf of our brothers and sisters who are denied a voice.

April 9th (Palm Sunday): Lord Jesus, the crowds shouted their hosannas; we, too, praise you because you are our king. Help us to persuade others to also acknowledge you as king.

Lord Jesus, break the silence of your people and cause them to take to the streets again, proclaiming and demonstrating the joyful good news that you are king, and that you have made a way for us to know you, and love one another.

April 16th (Easter day): Lord Jesus, in our imagination we kneel at the foot of your cross. To begin with no words can express our feelings, and so we keep silence, in remembrance.

Lord Jesus, again we look in wonder at your cross and the life you gave for us – we cannot grasp that we could be loved so much. Cause me to be someone who remembers that this is how much I am loved, and that this same love was poured out for every person. And empower me to love, prize and treasure others as those you laid down your life for.

And now in joy and wonder we proclaim your resurrection to all the world, with cries of “Hallelujah, He is risen indeed”